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    Health Management Program

    The City of Lynchburg supports a healthy workforce by providing a Health Management Program (HMP) for City Employees.  For details on the HMP click here for FAQs.                                                                                           

    Appointment Hours

    Mon. Wed. Fri. 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
    Tues. and Thurs. by appointment

    Location & Phone #

    Monument Terrace Building
    901 Church Street
    (434) 455-4078


    This voluntary program includes regular health assessments and access to a certified nurse practitioner for health risk management and treatment of illness at no cost or co-pay. 

    Note: Employees with work-related injury or illness must contact the City's Occupational Health Clinic for assessment and treatment.

    Eligible employees receive vision coverage as an added benefit of participation in the HMP.                                                                                                                               

    Members receive information about their health risks; enjoy the convenience of an on-site clinic, personalized medical attention and free single coverage
    for the medical and vision plans. In addition, when visiting the clinic members save the $20 co-pay and the cost of minor lab fees. Enrollment is voluntary
    and the employee share of the cost is waived for all HMP participants.

    Employees holding full-time positions are eligible for membership in the HMP.

    How to Enroll
    Employees receive notification of eligibility during benefits orientation. Employees may enroll in the HMP at any time. Employees may enroll by:

    • Call Nurse Practitioner, at 455-4078 to schedule an appointment for a health risk assessment within 31 days of hire or date first eligible with vision

              coverage generally beginning the first day of the month following the full-time hire date;

    • Complete  on-line questionnaire prior to appointment
    • You must not eat anything for 8 hours prior to your Health Risk Assessment (testing)
    • Scheduling an appointment with the Nurse anytime during the year but vision coverage will not be effective until the following January 1st.

    Maintaining Eligibility
     Employees maintain their membership and incentives by completing a re-assessment when scheduled. Based on City resources, the plan is to randomly choose and re-assess one-third of the membership each year. 

    The City pays 100% of HMP costs. 

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