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    Ivy Creek Greenway

    The Ivy Creek Greenway is a 1.75 mile multi-use, paved, linear trail that meanders through Peaks View Park. The trail passes through the Bill Foot Recreation Area, providing access to an extensive system of mountain bike and hiking trails.

    Parking is available at three access points, Ivy Creek Lane, Tenbury Drive and Ardmore Drive

    Bill Foot Recreation Area
    The Greenway passes through the Bill Foot Recreation Area, named in honor of Bill Foot, an avid hiker and advocate for the Lynchburg Trails system. Numerous unpaved hiking and mountain biking trails are located within the recreation area.

    The hilly terrain creates exciting opportunities for either short or long biking and hiking trips. Mountain bike trails range from easy to difficult, with lots of choices for beginners and experienced riders alike.

    Ivy Creek Greenway and Bill Foot Recreation Area Map

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