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    Ivy Creek Park

    118 Clemmons Lake Place
    Lynchburg VA 24501

    It's a business park, it's a nature park....yes, it's both things at once! Ivy Creek Park (the nature park) is located in the Lynchpin Industrial Park, which houses nine major businesses with over 1,400 employees. Ivy Creek Park is a green oasis that includes the six-acre Clemmons Lake, multi-use trails, picnic and play areas, as well as an auxiliary site for the naturalists of the Nature Zone and some of their aquatically-inclined reptiles and amphibians.

    The grounds of Ivy Creek incorporate green design principles such as aggregate paving in the parking lot to help reduce stormwater runoff along with landscaping that includes native plants and trees selected to attract wildlife and provide food and shelter. 

    Canoe & Kayak Rentals
    Canoes and kayaks are available for rental seasonally, from April to September. No personal watercraft may be used in the park. Please call (434) 455-5828 for more information. Cash or check only. Canoes: $8/hour, Kayaks: $6/hour.

    The primary lake trail winds downhill from the parking area, towards the lake, and families can stop and enjoy the picnic areas and play area along the way. This portion of the trail is ADA compliant, as are picnic areas, and play area. Once at the lake, a circuit trail continues along the eastern edge, providing those with limited mobility access to a brand-new discovery pier and fishing stations tucked into the shore. The paved trail ends at a boardwalk which crosses a small wetland area, populated by ducks, geese, turtles, and other aquatic animals. From there, the remainder of the trail is a simple earthen surface, cut into the steep hillside above the lake, and traveling gently through the wooded forest of the park before re-joining the paved section just past the naturalist cabin.

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