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    Clay Street Parking Deck

    The Clay Street Parking Deck, located on 800 Clay Street, has 375 parking spaces. Parking is enforced from 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m., Monday - Friday.  Parking is free on nights, weekends, and city holidays.  

    The cost of hourly parking is $1.00 for the first hour and 25 cents for each 15-minute increment after that.  The pay station accepts credit cards, coins, and tokens.  When paying by credit card at the pay by space station, the customer will not receive a receipt.  Electronic receipts can only be accessed when using mPark.

    Unreserved parking permits allow customers to access parking in any valid parking space except for handicap spaces and reserved spaces.  Parking in a handicap space requires a handicap hang tag or license plate.
    Clay Street Parking Deck Rates
    Hourly/Daily $1.00 per hour, $6.00 daily maximum
    Residential $25.00 per month
    Facility $50.00 per month




    There are 3 entrances to this facility:

    1.The first level has been designated for Public Safety vehicles only and is entered on the bottom level off of Clay Street.  There are 125 spaces on this level.      


    2. The Second level is designated for hourly/daily public parking. There are 124 metered spaces on this level.  The second level can be entered off of Clay Street beside the Police Department and just before you get to the parking deck. The Second level can also be entered through the 8th Street side of the parking deck (see image below).


    3. The Third level has been designated as “City of Lynchburg Employee Parking” and can be entered only by the 8th Street side of the parking deck.  There are 126 spaces on this level.

    Address 1: 
    800 Clay Street
    Primary Phone: