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    Paid Time Off (PTO) is an important part of the City's total compensation package. PTO provides time away from work for rest, relaxation and personal purposes and provides a mechanism for partial pay protection during times of illness or incapacity.

     Regular attendance at work is a critical component of meeting the service delivery, productivity and efficiency goals of the City. Employees are expected to maintain regular, predictable attendance and to report to work on time except for time off approved under the following leave programs:

    Full-Time Employees - Employees assigned to full-time positions earn an array of paid time off based on the purpose of the absence.

    Part-Time Employees - Employees assigned to part-time positions earn generic leave to be used for absences due to:

        •    Vacation
        •    Holidays
        •    Bereavement
        •    Non-work related illness or injury of less than a full work week

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