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    Physical Development Committee

    Council Members serving on FY 2015 PDC: Perrow (Chair), Johnson, Foster, Mayor Gillette (Ex-officio)
    Council Members serving on FY 2014 PDC: Perrow (Chair), Johnson, Foster, Mayor Gillette


    Fiscal Year 2015

    Meeting Packet Meeting Notes
    March 10  
    February 10 CANCELED
    January 13  
    December 9  
    November 6  
    October 14 October 14 Notes
    September 9 September 9 Notes
    August 12 August 12 Notes
    July 8 CANCELED

    Fiscal Year 2014 

    Meeting Packet Meeting Notes
    June 10  
    May 13  
    April 8 April 8 Notes
    March 11 March 11 Notes
    February 11 February 11 Notes
    January 14 January 14 Notes
    December 10 CANCELED
    November 12 November 12 Notes
    October 8 October 8 Notes
    September 10 September 10 Notes
    August 13 August 13 Notes
    July 9 CANCELED


    General Purpose Statement

    To guide the City in the execution of Council-adopted physical development policies; to review and serve as a filter in determining specific physical development actions to be considered by City Council; and, to review reports regarding physical development and capital projects on a quarterly basis to determine if any adjustments are necessary during the fiscal year.

    To better facilitate the Physical Development Committee meetings, there are three types of agenda items:

    1. General Business
    2. Other Information
    3. Items to be Considered Later by the Full City Council.

    PDC Guidelines as of 10/14/14

    PDC meetings are generally held on the second Tuesday monthly at 9:00 a.m.
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