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     Effective 1/1/2017, prescription plan will be administered by Express Scripts.  More information to come.



    Full-Time employees become eligible for prescription drug coverage upon enrollment in the medical plan.    Preventive Coverage List.


    Employees pay 40% of the retail cost for a 30-day supply for prescriptions purchased at participating pharmacies. This is called coinsurance. The minimum coinsurance is $20 and the maximum is $100 for a 30-day supply.


    Need a Replacement ID Card?

    Your prescription ID card is the same card that you use for medical coverage.
    Call PCHP at 947-4463 or Log-in to the PCHP Member Portal to print out a temporary card or request a new ID card.

    Managing Prescriptions Online

    Log on to , click on Activate Your Account.
    When creating a user account to manage your prescriptions on-line, enter the Member ID# that's on your PCHP card.

    You can save  on some medications by using programs offered by retailers such as Walmart's $4 Prescription Program - most pharmacies have a similar program.  If your prescription is covered under this type of program, do not show your prescription ID card. 
    For example:  Walmart's $4 program cost is less than the City's $20 co-pay.

    Mandatory Mail Order

    Employees can get a prescription filled 3 times at a retail pharmacy before they must use Mail Order. Mail Order is required for prescriptions that are taken on a long-term or on-going basis. To begin ordering your prescriptions through mail order, contact Drug Source.  Drug Source fills the mail-order prescriptions for Script Care and their number is 1-800-854-8764. Their hours are 8:30 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. central time. If you need a mail-order Rx, complete the Patient Rx Profile form.  You can also call Drug Source directly at the preceding number, or call Script Care, who in turn will transfer you to Drug Source.

    Mail Order Tips

    •   Don't wait until you run out of medication to place your mail order. 

    •   If you are mailing in a prescription for a newly prescribed medication, ask your physician
         to write two prescriptions: one for a 30-day supply to get you started (to be filled at
        your local pharmacy), and one for a 90-day supply plus additional refills to be submitted
        for mail order.

    •  Ask for a generic - Employees choosing a brand name when a generic is available 
        must pay the difference in the cost.


    Call Script Care Customer Service at (888) 810-9010 or

    Call Drug Source for Mail Order at (800) 854-8764.


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