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    What's At the Market

    Restaurants and Shops at the Market

    The Market is home to local restaurants and shops that are all locally-owned. Fresh-baked bread, local and specialty cheeses, delicious home-style cooking that satisfies your soul, and fantastic Phillipine specialties are offered every day. Paired with items produced in Virginia and a locally-owned clothing and fine-goods shop, you'll find everything you need for a locally-flavored shopping experience. Get details about the Market Restaurants and Shops.

    Heritage Crafters Gallery and Artists Alley

    The Heritage Crafters Gallery and Artists Alley showcase a wide variety of local craft artisans and Lynchburg-area artists. Crafters offer the best of handmade and locally-produced items; please visit the Heritage Crafters Gallery page for more information.  Artists Alley features the work of local artists and potters, including sculpture, pottery, painting, and photographers. NOTE: Visa and Mastercard accepted for Gallery purchase.

    Green Market Wednesdays - 10am  -2pm

    On Wednesdays locally-based farmers offer low and no spray produce, and locally produced meats, cheeses, baked goods, jams, jellies, and other handmade specialty items.



    Saturday Market - 7am - 2pm

    The hustle and bustle of an old-time farmers market begins early on Saturday morning, with over 20 vendors selling seasonal vegetables, fruits, nuts, and berries along with local honey, meat, eggs, cheese, baked goods, and everything from strawberry jam to flower bouquets. Enjoy people-watching and listening to some lively music provided by local bands in the Market Square as you enjoy fresh coffee and delicious treats from the vendors.

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