City Code

**A presentation will be made during City Council Work Session on July 14 to demonstrate the new City Code website. The new website will have search, print, and email capabilities as well as other features. Effective July 15, 2015, THIS VERSION of the City Code will no longer be updated.**

All amendments have been made to the City Code as of the most recent Ordinance of April 14, 2015. A true and accurate copy (Signed by the Clerk of Council) of each Section of this Code can be obtained through the Office of the City Clerk. For interpretation of the Lynchburg City Code please contact the City Attorney's Office at (434) 455-3980      .

City Charter
Chapter 1                  General Provisions
Chapter 2                  Administration
Chapter 3                  Advertising
Chapter 4                  Air Pollution
Chapter 5                  Ambulances
Chapter 6                  Amusements
Chapter 7                  Animals and Fowls
Chapter 8                  Armory
Chapter 9                  Aviation
Chapter 10                Bicycles
Chapter 11                Building
Chapter 12                Buses, Motor Freight Carriers
Chapter 12.1             Cable Television REPEALED February 11, 2008
Chapter 13                City Market
Chapter 13.1             Arts and Cultural District
Chapter 14                Elections
Chapter 15                Electricity
Chapter 16.1             Erosion and Sediment Control
Chapter 16.2             Stormwater Management
Chapter 16.3             Stormwater Utility
Chapter 17                Fences and Walls
Chapter 18                Finance and Taxation
Chapter 18.1             City Contracts and Procurements
Chapter 19                Fire Protection and Prevention
Chapter 20                Food and Food Products
Chapter 21                Garbage and Refuse
Chapter 21.1             Litter Control
Chapter 21.2             Solid Waste Collection and Disposal
Chapter 22                Housing and Hygiene
Chapter 22.1             Regulation of Smoking
Chapter 23                Junk, Secondhand Articles
Chapter 23.1             Dealers in Precious Metals and Gems
Chapter 24                Libraries and Museums
Chapter 24.1             Subdivision Ordinance
Chapter 25                Motor Vehicles and Traffic
Chapter 26                Nuisances
Chapter 27                Offenses
Chapter 28                Parks, Public Places
Chapter 29                Peddlers and Solicitors
Chapter 30                Planning
Chapter 31                Police
Chapter 32                Public Schools
Chapter 33                Railroads
Chapter 34                Sewers
Chapter 35                Streets and Sidewalks
Chapter 35.1             Zoning Ordinance
Chapter 36                Tax Code
Chapter 36.1             Technology Zone
Chapter 37                Taxicabs, Rental Cars
Chapter 38                Trees and Vegetation
Chapter 39                Water
Chapter 40                Wood for Fuel