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    Bulk and Brush Collection

    No need to call to schedule your pickup! Just put your brush or bulky items on the curb on the day of your trash collection (but keep separate from trash). Refuse collectors will pickup brush and bulky items when they pick up your trash or in the case of a large pile, they'll contact a Refuse Collector to pick up the items at a later time (usually within a weeks time).

    NOTE: Private contractors hired by citizens are always responsible for the disposal of brush, limbs, branches and other yard debris cut by the contractor. In addition, remodeling and demolition debris must be delivered by the contractor/citizen to the landfill for proper disposal. This type of waste material is not accepted at the curb.

    How To Set-Out Your Items for Collection:

    • Keep brush and bulk items separate from household trash.
    • Brush items include twigs and branches (excluding piles of leaves).
    • Bulk items include furniture, appliances, televisions, etc. (We ask that tires be kept separate, max. 4 at any one time. Tires are picked up separately and recycled).
    • Place items on the curb in front of your residence.
    • Do not put items near trees, telephone poles, fences or fire hydrants.
    • Cut up brush and bundle it into pieces less than 8 ft. long. Limbs should be no larger than 3 inches diameter. NO STUMPS PLEASE!
    • Make sure bulk items are not too large (two people should be able to carry the items).
    • Freon items, such as air conditioners, refrigerators and freezers, are required by law to be kept separate from other bulk items.
    • Tires can also be collected with Freon items.
    • Leaves are not eligible for brush and bulk collection. Leaves are vacuumed from the curb for free during during the fall. If you need to dispose of leaves at other times, just bag and tag them with a 95- cent trash tag and set out on your regular trash collection day.
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