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    The Nature Zone is glad to be here in our new home on the first floor of  the beautiful, newly-renovated historic Miller Center! We've got a new look, with displays focused on our local watershed, new homes for the beloved Nature Zone animals, and a beautiful new Touch Table and display area for visitors to explore. Be sure to visit soon!

    301 Grove Street • Lynchburg, VA 24501
    Tel: (434) 455-5858 • Fax (434) 528-2794



    Friday          12:00 pm - 4:00 pm
    Saturday      12:00 pm - 4:00 pm

    Touch a turtle…feed a toad…see a snake…or just take in the “wild” sights of The Nature Zone. The Nature Zone is an environmental education center that offers a world of fun and excitement for all ages!

    Animal Feedings
    Besides a beautiful new space on the first floor, there are lots of exciting changes on hand for visitors to the Nature Zone. Friday and Saturday open hours are a great time for observing the snakes, turtles, opossum, toads, sugar glider, hedgehog, and bearded dragon that call the Nature Zone home. Young and old naturalists will usually have an opportunity to observe at least one animal feeding during the open hours. These feeding demonstrations are not only fun, but they provide important enrichment for Nature Zone animals. They stimulate the animals’ senses and encourage natural behaviors such as hunting and foraging.

    Fun and Games
    Spark your imagination by building a tower made from natural wood blocks, challenge your brain with an animal puzzle, or sit down at our fantastic new touch cabinet and read  a good interactive nature story book while you examine bones, skulls, antlers, rocks, animal hides and other kid-friendly, hands-on natural objects.

    The Nature Zone is first and foremost an environmental education center that celebrates the special and unique environmental niches of central Virginia. The exhibits have a new look to help turn the focus on exploring and understanding more about the treasures found right here in our local habitat and watershed. All of the animal mounts are displayed in dioramas that mimic the special qualities of the Virginia Piedmont region; from great blue herons to wild turkeys, so visitors can observe aspects of our local environment in new ways that present a comprehensive story of different Piedmont habitats. Coming in February...a brand-new 55-gallon freshwater tank that explores a typical piedmont aquatic environment

    Environmental Resources
    Have questions about local plants and wildlife? Our friendly and knowledgeable naturalist staff is happy to help you, and you’re also invited to make use of our extensive library of nature publications and artifacts. Staff can offer wildlife rescue advice and connect you with other environmental partner organizations in the area.

    Gift Shop
    If you are looking for a unique gift for that certain someone, check out the t-shirts, books, and “critters” in our gift shop- now at a 50% discount.

    Miller Park and Blackwater Creek Trail
    While you're in the neighborhood,  make sure to enjoy Lynchburg's first park, historic Miller Park, located across Grove Street from the Miller Center. You can see some of the finest oak trees in the city, including the Centennial Oak, planted in 1886, or view the grove of native trees planted for the bicentennial in 1986. Just a  10-minute walk along Park Avenue will take visitors to the Kemper Street extension of the Blackwater Creek bikeway, located near our old home at the Kemper Street Station…it’s still your connection to the most beautiful trail system in Central Virginia.

    Classes and Camps
    We also offer some fantastic Naturalist classes and camps for children, families, and adults throughout the year and during the summer. Check them out!


    Trained naturalists offer environmental education and outdoor adventure for groups of all ages. We offer SOL and grade specific programs for schools, or we can design a special program just for you. Topics  range from the celestial (Star Celebration), to the small (Tiny Wonders: The Story of Insects), with a special focus on our local ecosystem and watershed. Check out our RecQuest offerings as well! Call (434) 455-5828 or email Nature.Zone@lynchburgva.gov for more information.

    Get Involved

    Volunteers are a special group of people who make a positive difference, and The Nature Zone offers volunteer opportunities year round.

    Birthday Parties

    Looking for a great place to hold your child's birthday party? We offer dinosaur safaris, animal safaris, and canoe adventure parties for children from pre-school on up, so check out our birthday party page for the most fun in town!

    What's New


    A word about parking; the easiest entrance for the Nature Zone is in the rear of the building, off of Wadsworth Avenue. Please remember that on most Saturdays the Grove Street entrances will not be open to the public, and visitors should plan on entering the building at the Wadsworth entrance.

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