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    Salary and Benefits - Firefighter/EMT

    The starting salary for the entry level Firefighter/EMT position is $35,006 annually.  

    The City of Lynchburg's Fire Department offers excellent benefits and career advancement.  Public Safety benefits include:

    • Vacation Leave
    • Paid Holidays
    • 22.4 hours personal leave per year
    • Sick Leave
    • Health and Dental Insurance
      • Paid employee health, dental and prescription drug insurance
      • Family and dependent group plans available
    • Life Insurance
      • Paid (included in the Virginia Retirement System)
      • Additional life insurance is available
    • Retirement
      • Paid (Virginia Retirement System).  Firefighters become eligible for full retirement benefits after a combination of 50 years of age and 25 years of service
    • Education
      • In-service training
      • College courses relating to fire science may qualify for tuition assistance
    • Other
      • Uniforms and equipment
      • Employee Assistance Program
      • Physical examinations
      • Employee-owned credit union
      • Optional deferred compensation program
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