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    Mid-Town Parking Deck

    The Mid-Town Parking Deck is located on 910 Main Street.  There are 428 total spaces in the Mid-Town Parking Deck.  Parking is enforced from 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m., Monday - Friday. Parking is free on nights, weekends, and city holidays.  

    There are three entrances to the Mid-Town Parking Deck:

    Main Street Entrance1. Main Street Entrance (left image) between 10th Street and 9th Street.  The Main Street entrance provides access to Levels A - E with a one-way ramp.

    2. 9th Street Entrance between Main Street and Commerce Street (right image).  The 9th Street entrance provides access to Levels D - E.

    3. Commerce Street Entrance between 10th Street and 9th Street (right image).  The Commerce Street entrance only provides access to Level E.

    The top level, Level A, of the Mid-Town Parking Deck is designated for paid hourly/daily parking for the public and is controlled by a pay by space station.  There are 100 spaces on Level A designated for hourly and daily paid parking.  The cost of hourly parking is 25 cents for the first hour and 25 cents for each 15-minute increment after that. The pay station accepts credit cards, cash, and tokens.  When paying by credit card at the pay by space station, the customer will not receive a receipt.  Electronic receipts can only be accessed when using mPark.

    Unreserved parking permits allow customers to access parking on Levels B through E, in any valid parking space except for handicap spaces and reserved spaces.  Parking in a handicap space requires a handicap hang tag or license plate.
    The Parking Manager may provide for a limited number of reserved spaces on Levels B through E consistent with market demand and space availability.  
    Mid-Town Deck Parking Rates
    1st Hour $0.25 for the 1st hour
    Hourly/Daily $1.00 per hour, $5.00 daily maximum
    Unreserved Permits (Residential) $25.00 per month
    Unreserved Permits (Facility) $50.00 per month
    Reserved Permits $75.00 per month
    Address 1: 
    910 Main Street
    Primary Phone: