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    School Board


    Employs teachers and other personnel; provides buildings and equipment; operates a transportation system; determines educational policies; disburses all school funds—all subject to state laws, the general supervision of the Board of Education and upon recommendation of the division superintendent.

    To determine in which district you reside please refer to the new interactive School District Map. Simply enter your address in the search bar.  Every effort has been made to ensure the information is correct however, any questions may be directed to the Clerk of Council at 455-3990.  School District Map

    School Board Application 


    First and third Tuesday of each month
    5:30 p.m.
    Board Room, School Administration Building
    915 Court Street.


    Mrs. Mary Ann H. Barker
    District 1
    Email: barkermh@lcsedu.net
    Mr. Thomas H. Webb
    District 2
    Email: webbth@lcsedu.net
    Dr. Regina T. Dolan-Sewell - Chairman
    District 1
    Email: dolansewellrt@lcsedu.net
    Mr. Michael Nilles
    District 3
    Email: nillesmt@lcsedu.net
    Mr. Charlie White
    District 1
    Email: whitecb@lcsedu.net
    Mrs. Katie K. Snyder
    District 3
    Email: snyderkk@lcsedu.net
    Ms. Jenny Poore
    District 2
    Email: poorejr@lcsedu.net
    Rev. James E. Coleman, Jr.
    District 3
    Email: colemanje@lcsedu.net
    Ms. J. Marie Waller
    District 2
    Email: wallerjm@lcsedu.net
     as of 6/24/14

    Liaison: Wendie Sullivan 434-515-5073

    Lynchburg City Schools website

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