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    One of the greatest assets in Lynchburg is our trail system, known as the James River Heritage Trail (JRHT) system, honoring the historic connection with the James River that Lynchburg enjoys. Major components of the trails system include the Blackwater Creek Bikeway, Riverwalk, the Ivy Creek Greenway, the Ruskin Freer Loop Trail, the Alpine Trail, Point of Honor Trail, and the Creekside Trail.

    The JRHT system has trails both long and short, and paved and unpaved that stretch from mid-town to downtown, along the river, and next to Blackwater Creek- traveling through neighborhoods, natural areas and parks, with plenty of space for hiking, biking, strolling, picnicking, and just hanging out. Best of all, all our trails are free and open to the public from sunrise to sunset!

    Looking for a place to cool off in the shade, escape from the work awaiting you and hear absolutely nothing except for the sound of Blackwater Creek and the wind in the trees? Visit the Ruskin Freer Loop Trail. Want to stretch your legs for a good run with lots of shade and not-too-many hills? Try the Blackwater Creek Bikeway. Go to the Alpine Trail in Riverside Park for a big-picture view of the James…and then head downtown, get on the Riverwalk Trail and see the same river and all its beauty up close.  Trying to find a place for a family bike ride that everyone can enjoy? Hop on the Ivy Creek Greenway in Peaks View Park.

    With eight miles of asphalt trail and over 15 miles of earthen trails, there are lots of options for everyone to explore and enjoy. Main entrances to Riverwalk and the Blackwater Creek Bikeway are found at Percival's Island on the riverfront and the Ed Page entrance off of Langhorne Road.


    Trail Safety and Etiquette

    Check out our trail safety and etiquette page for important information about staying safe on the trails, and how to have a good experience while traveling on the trails.


    James River Heritage Trail Map
    Blackwater Creek Bikeway and Blackwater Creek Natural Area Trails Map
    Peaks View Park Trails Map

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