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    What You Can and Cannot Bring to HHW

    PLEASE NOTE:  The Regional Landfill does NOT accept latex based paints.  However, you can dispose of the latex paint cans with your household trash as long as its dried.  In order to speed up the drying process of latex paint, pour kitty litter into the leftover paint to absorb the liquid, then place the paint can in your trash for regular pick-up.

    What You Can BringWhat You Cannot BringAcceptable Electronics
    Acids/BasesAgent OrangeCD's
    AerosolsAmmunitionCircuit boards & electronic components
    AntifreezeDioxinComputer accessories (keyboards, mice, speakers, cords, cables)
    Auto StarterExplosivesComputer monitors (CRT's, plasma, LCD displays)
    BatteriesGarbageComputer printeres, scanners, plotters
    Brake FluidsGas CylindersComputer systems (CPU units)
    CleanersKeponeExternal disk memory and hard disk drives
    CorrosivesLatex Paint (water based)Laptop and notebook computers
    Drain OpenersLiquefied AsbestosNetwork hubs, modems and routers
    FlammablesMedical WasteTelevisions (console, projection-screen, plasma, LCD)
    FurnitureOil TanksToner cartridges (ink and laser jet)
    HerbicidesPathological Waste
    Lighter FluidsProwl
    Oil Base PaintProzine
    Oven CleanerRadioactives (Ex. smoke detectors)
    OxidizersSilvex Stomp
    Photo Chemicals55 Gallon Drums of ANYTHING!
    Pool Chemicals
    Used Motor Oil
    Weed Killers
    Wood Preservatives
    Fluorescent Lightbulbs
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