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    About the "Good to Go" Rental Inspection Program

    Safe housing is the primary objective

    Safe housing is the primary objective of the "Good to Go" Residential Rental Property Inspection Program.

    By addressing violations at their onset prevents more substantial neighborhood issues, infestations and blight.

    The program is proactive and provides a means to identify issues that may go unnoticed by tenants and landlords. Additionally,many of the rentals involve conversion of older and blighted homes that are repaired enough to meet basic codes and move tenants in.

    Staff serves as a mediation resource to landlord and tenant, which assists with reducing landlord and tenant retaliation.


    Maintaining "Good to Go" Rentals

    Therefore, landlords/owners are expected to maintain Lynchburg rentals as habitable and “Good To Go” before occupancy. If the rental is currently occupied, the owner/landlord and tenants are


     assumed to have diligently maintained and provided occupants/tenants with a dwelling unit that meets the Virginia standardization of   habitation and property maintenance building code requirements. .

    Why the Rental Inspection Program is Relevant Today

    Without habitable standards these conditions can lead to a decline in neighborhood quality of life, neighborhood appearance and the value of real estate.


    The "Good to Go" rental inspection program is designed and intended to prevent property deterioration and neighborhood blight in designated rental inspection districts and to promote safe, decent and sanitary residential rental dwelling units for citizens by requiring property building maintenance and continued compliance with applicable building regulations.


    Do I need to register my rental unit? Check if your rental unit is in the rental inspection district.