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    AFLAC Supplemental

    Supplemental benefits are available to eligible employees through AFLAC. AFLAC offers a variety of voluntary supplemental benefits. The benefits are fully funded by the employee through payroll deductions, which may be either pre-tax or after-tax. Follow the links below to find out more about some of the benefits available through AFLAC:


    Employees holding Full-Time and Part-Time positions are eligible for coverage through AFLAC. Employees receive notification of their eligibility at benefits orientation and must contact AFLAC within 31 days of hire or date first eligible to participate. For more information, refer to the Employment Policies & Procedures Manual.

    How Can I Enroll?

    Employees can enroll by contacting Sue Lawhorne via e-mail at or by calling (434) 528-1001 within 31 days of hire or date first eligible. Employees may also enroll during the annual open enrollment period, usually held in November each year.

    Making Changes

    Changes may be made during open enrollment or within 31 days of a qualifying event. Qualifying event examples include but are not limited to marriage, divorce, birth or family member loss of coverage. Contact Sue Lawhorne via e-mail at or by calling (434) 528-1001.

    What Happens to My AFLAC Coverage If I Leave City Employment?

    Employees may continue their AFLAC insurances if employment with the City ends. AFLAC will bill employees directly. Employee is responsible to contact AFLAC and make sure their premiums are paid timely and to keep their address current.


    Contact Sue Lawhorne via e-mail at or by calling (434) 528-1001.

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