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    Childcare - P2P

    Question 1: When you hear the phrase “Poverty to Progress,” what comes to mind? What are the tools you think people need to move out of and stay out of poverty here in the city?

    • Mind change
    • Access to opportunity
    • Education
    • Family inclusivity
    • Access to quality food
    • Rebuilding  relationships
    • Better quality of life
    • Progress not perfection
    • Guidance and support
    • Trust
    • Relief from constant anxiety
    • Finance/ affordability
    • Self-motivation
    • Freedom
    • Communication
    • Tools
    • Increase in wages, financial management courses, have positive language (we will, we can) churches with space will and able to help support the need of child care, subsidized quality and safe childcare facilities and providers

    Question 2: What are some of the challenges related to this barrier that you think make it difficult for people to become economically secure?

    • Affordability
    • Work scheduling problems in addition to the bus routes and time of services conflicting with childcare hours
    • People who are working and still struggling not eligible for services vs. people abusing the system and not working
    • Childcare facility regulations
    • More providers
    • More second shift caregivers
    • No caregiver facilities for school age children ranging from 5-12 second shift

    Question 3: We know that just throwing money at a problem rarely solves it. What concrete, actionable steps (as it relates to this barrier) would you like to see taken to create pathways out of poverty in the city?

    • Community sponsorships for individuals for daycare/ faith based
    • Corporate responsibility – economic interests
    • Investigating what quality options are available
    • Create more spaces of quality childcare
    • Coalition of employers running/ funding childcare ( region or specific areas)
    • Everyone working together within neighborhoods
    • Determining number of children in need of child care

    Question 4: What does success look like here? Should it be based on changing overall rates of poverty? Creating new opportunities rather than focusing on concrete numbers? Etc.

    • Neighbors helping neighbors
    • Incentives of tax exemptions for daycare centers
    • City incentive corps
    • Scatter maps of needs