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    Citizens Academy


    The 15th Annual Citizens Academy begins Thursday, March 1, 2018.
    Enrollment will begin in December 2017.

    The City of Lynchburg has made it easy for citizens to be better informed and more involved in the day to day business and operation of our government. Our City Council often refers to citizens and their neighborhoods as the backbone of our community. This involvement is vital for us to maintain a healthy community that continues to meet the needs of its citizens. In our effort to solicit even more citizen participation, we offer the "Citizens Academy."

    The "Citizens Academy" is designed to give participants an insight into the operation of the various departments of the government. The goal of the academy is to have better informed citizens who will bring their specialized knowledge of how city government works back to their respective neighborhoods.

    A series of twelve (12) informational sessions are presented weekly (Thursday evenings) in the spring at various government locations around the city. The sessions are lead by City department representatives, and often present a hands-on approach to learning about specific services provided by the City. A graduation reception and ceremony are held at the conclusion of the Citizens Academy in the Council Chamber at City Hall.


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