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    City of Lynchburg Disaster Recovery Group (CLDRG)

    Who We Are

    The City of Lynchburg Disaster Recovery Group (CLDRG) is a cooperative body that is made up of representatives from faith-based, non-profit, government, business and other organizations working within the City of Lynchburg to assist individuals and families as they recover from community disasters. The goal of CLDRG is to unite recovery resources with community needs in order to ensure that even the most vulnerable in the community recover from disasters.

    Executive Committee

    Chair: Joan Phelps, United Way of Central Virginia
    Secretary: Ralph Lawson, American Red Cross
    Treasurer: Trey Jones, Salvation Army
    ​Finance Coordinator: Trey Jones, Salvation Army
    Donations Management Coordinator: Brenton Lehman, Gospel Community Church Rivermont
    Construction Management Coordinator: TBD
    Case Management Coordinator: Denise Crews, Lynchburg Community Action Group (Lyn-CAG)
    Volunteer Management Coordinator: TBD
    Emotional and Spiritual Care Coordinator: Shawne Farmer, Interfaith Outreach Association

    For more information, contact Joan Phelps, United Way of Central Virginia, at (434) 455-6906.

    CLDRG Bylaws

    Member Organization Application

    Selection Criteria for Clients

    Case Management Processes & Procedures