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    City Stadium Complex Improvements

    This project will be completed in several phases. The first phase, completed in 2015, focused on the conversion from natural turf in artificial turf on the football stadium. Other improvements were made included a new stormwater collection system around the field, drainage repairs, new electrical and communications wiring and the regrading and paving of the walking track around the football field.  
    Built in 1939, the City Stadium Complex houses both football and baseball facilities. Over the years, both facilities have hosted a wide gamut of activities and special events. However, football field use was always limited by surface conditions which degraded exponentially with increased use. 
    The Football Complex is utilized primarily by the E.C. Glass and Heritage High School varsity football and soccer teams. Heritage High School will be using the refurbished football field as their primary field while the new Heritage High School is built. 

    Phase 2

    Construction for phase two of this project is scheduled to begin in early July 2015, to be completed by August 2016. Improvements include:
    - Significant renovation of the football stadium's main entrance. Once completed, the new entrance will include a new ticket booth, concessions booth, and restrooms. 
    - ADA accessible seating area and ramp on the home side stands 
    - 2-story facility addition behind the home side press box that will house a concessions booth, mens' and womens' restrooms, and locker rooms for the home team, away team, and officials. 
    - New scoreboard and audio system
    Click here to view a slideshow of images from Phase 1 of this project. 


    NOTE: The stadium will remain open during construction. Precautions will be made to ensure fan safely and certain areas will be restricted. 

    To view a presentation on the project goals, assessment, conceptual drawings and cost estimates, click on the links below:
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    Pages 40-59
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