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    City Stadium Complex Improvements

    The first phase of construction, beginning this summer, will focus on the conversion from natural turf to artificial turf on the football side of the stadium. The improvements are scheduled to be completed in August to accommodate EC Glass and Heritage high school varsity football practices and games. 

    Please note that future phases to improve the site and develop the former Allen Morrison property will include community and neighborhood meetings to seek citizen input on the park design
    The Football Complex is utilized primarily by the EC Glass and Heritage High School varsity football teams. The facility is also used, on occasion, by Parks and Recreation and our partnered groups.  The City is primarily concerned with the condition of the field, bleachers and stands, press boxes, all associated buildings, entrances and exits and PA system.
    To view a presentation on the project goals, assessment, conceptual drawings and cost estimates, click on the links below:
    Pages 1-19
    Pages 20-39
    Pages 40-59
    Pages 60-73


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