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    Clerk of Council

    Valeria P. Chambers, MMC
    Clerk of City Council

    Kyna Thomas, MBA
    Deputy Clerk of Council
    VMCA Region V Director

    The City Clerk is responsible for recording the proceedings and preserving the records of City Council, notifying the public of Council meeting dates and actions, and coordinating meetings and activities for Council.  The City Clerk is appointed by City Council.  The Clerk appoints a Deputy Clerk to assist in the day to day operation of the Clerk's Office.

    The City Clerk is also responsible for:

    • preparation of an agenda for every Council meeting,
    • providing supplements to the City Code,
    • affixing the official Seal of the City to all official documents, and
    • ensuring that all official records, including minutes, ordinances and resolutions, are available for public inspection. 

    The City Clerk maintains a listing of all Council appointments to its Boards and Commissions.

    The following boards and commissions will have vacancies when terms end in September 2015:

      - Virginia Alcohol Safety Action Program Board (VASAP) - 1 vacancy
     Ÿ - Social Services Advisory Board - 3 vacancies 
     Ÿ - Board of Building Code Appeals - 4 vacancies (3 eligible to serve again)
     Ÿ - Redevelopment & Housing Authority - 1 vacancy
     Ÿ - Lynchburg Business Development Centre - 3 vacancies (all eligible to serve again)

    The City Clerk also manages proclamation requests approved by the Mayor. (Proclamation Request Guidelines)

    900 Church Street
    Lynchburg, VA 24504
    Telephone: (434) 455-3995
    Fax: (434) 847-1536

    The Clerk and Deputy Clerk are members of the Virginia Municipal Clerks Association , the International Institute of Municipal Clerks, and the Virginia Association of Government Archives and Records Administrators and have the opportunity to pursue certification.

    VMCA       IIMC

    Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and
    Conflict of Interest Act (COIA) Forms:


    Statement of Economic Interests

    Disclosure of Real Estate Holdings

    Financial Disclosure Statement


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