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    Community Development

    2nd Floor Customer Service Center - City Hall
    900 Church Street • Lynchburg, VA 24504

    Inspections:  434-455-3910
    Planning: 434-455-3900
    FAX: 434-845-7630

    The Department of Community Development provides development services, code compliance efforts and community revitalization efforts for the City of Lynchburg comprised of five divisions:

    The department collaborates with business, institutional, neighborhood and government stakeholders as it coordinates project reviews, permitting, long range planning, property maintenance and revitalization efforts.

    Current Projects, Initiatives, Plans and Public Meetings

    This fall, the City of Lynchburg will embark on an update to the Downtown/Riverfront Master Plan to address the future growth and development of downtown. This plan will build upon the previous Downtown Plans developed in 2000 (Lynchburg Downtown and Riverfront Master Plan) and in 2006 (Riverfront Implementation Plan).
    The process for developing the new plan will provide multiple opportunities for public and business input throughout the project. We invite you to take part in shaping the future of your downtown. Visit to find out how to participate!

    View the current Lynchburg Riverfront & Downtown Master Plan here.


    Did you know May 1, 2018 will mark the first time the City of Lynchburg has increased
    its building and zoning fees in 15 years? 

    These user fees help offset costs for very specific services that require a lot of
    staff research or deter individuals from not meeting permit requirements
    already in place.  A list of those services and the new fees is available below:

    Description of Fees (from February 27, 2018 Council presentation)

    Fee Schedule (effective May 1, 2018)


    Kent White, Director