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    Community Programs

    Project Lifesaver

    Project Lifesaver's mission is to utilize state of the art technology in assisting those who care for victims of Alzheimer's and other Related Mental Dysfunctional Disorders (ARMD) and victims who become lost. These victims include the elderly and even the youngest in our community are afflicted with Down's Syndrome and Autism. Click here for more information. 

    Growth Through Opportunity (GTO) Program

    GTO CADETS™ learn valuable life/job/social skills alongside first responders to enhance safety, employability, and quality of life!! The mission of the GTO CADETS program is to enhance QUALITY OF LIFE for our associates! Our goal is to partner with public safety agencies and businesses nationwide and offer our highly successful, mutually beneficial training program which also promotes the productive employment of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Allowing our GTO CADETS to simply volunteer adds tremendous value to their lives. When you partner with the GTO CADETS you will get the satisfaction knowing you have enhanced the quality of life in a fellow human being. Together, we will enhance an individual's self worth, pride, confidence, and employability!

    The GTO CADETS program is managed by dARN, Inc. (disABILITIES Resource Network) a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization passionately established in the beautiful Roanoke Valley of Virginia. We are very excited to launch the GTO CADETS program which EMPOWERS individuals with varying neurodevelopmental disabilities. GTO CADETS, managed by job coaches, volunteer at various public safety facilities. They develop extremely valuable life skills, social skills, and job skills so they can become employable in the workforce. Our mission is to enhance QUALITY OF LIFE and to provide first hand disABILITIES exposure to first responders - which will enhance professional training and decrease negative encounters in the community. Our associates are diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, down syndrome, agenesis of the corpus callosum (ACC), and other related neurodevelopmental disorders.

    Kinder Kop

    The Lynchburg Sheriff’s Office has initiated a program referred to as “Kinder Kop” whereas a deputy from our department visits elementary schools in our area and spends time with the kindergarten class children reading, having lunch and other activities that will promote positive influence and relationships between the children of our community and the law enforcement agencies.  We also have groups of children visit the office for a closer look at the activites and duties of the Lynchburg Sheriff's Office. Sheriff Sloan attends the graduations of Pre-K classes at Sandusky Elementary School.  Each graduate is presented a certificate and sworn in as "Junior Deputies" with the Lynchburg Sheriff's Office.

    First Step Elementary School Program

    The "First Step Elementary School Program" began as a pilot in 2017 and continues as an active partneship with Lynchburg City Schools. The First Step program fosters positive interactions between all City elementary school children and uniform members of Lynchburg Sheriff’s Office, therefore building encouraging relationships with our future leaders. These daily positive interactions moved children from “Hands Up to Hugs” as deputies observed changes in these children’s behavior toward them through time and consistent positive interactions while at their schools. Now deputies are receiving “hugs” and “high fives” from children who are happy to see their friendly deputy that cares about them.

    Child Safety Seat Inspection/Installation

    Child safety seat law (Code of Virginia Article 13- Section 46.2)
    As of July 1, 2007, any child up to age 8 will be required to be properly secured in a child restraint device in all seating positions. Learn more www.nhtsa.dot.gov.

    The Lynchburg City Sheriff’s Office provides free inspections for anyone who desires to ensure that they are using the proper safety seat for their child and that it is installed properly. The Sheriff's office can provide a free safety seat to anyone unable to provide a proper seat for their child (as supplies/funds are available). Please contact Cpl. Margaret Younger at 847-1301 for more information.

    Career Fairs

    Deputies participate with area school career fairs to promote and educate interested students in the duties and aspects of becoming a Lynchburg City Sheriff Deputy or other areas of law enforcement.