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    Comprehensive Plan

    The Comprehensive Plan establishes a clear vision for the future of Lynchburg, identifies goals towards achieving that vision, creates policy guidance for public and private decision-makers, and identifies tasks that need to be pursued to make the Plan's vision and goals a reality. Building on the recommendations of the Comprehensive Plan document, the following areas of the city have specific planning documents that have been adopted by the Lynchburg City Council as more detailed subsets of the Comprehensive Plan.

    Contact Information
    The City of Lynchburg - Call 856-CITY 

    City Staff
    Tom Martin, AICP, City Planner is responsible for maintaining the plan.

    The Planning Commission
    The Planning Commission is responsible for implementation of the plan.  Its seven members are:

    The following chapters and maps read together constitute Lynchburg's Comprehensive Plan 2013-2030 as adopted by the City Council on January 14, 2014.

    Results of the Community Character Survey


    Cover and Table of Contents

    Chapter 1.  Plan Overview

    Chapter 2.  Vision

    Chapter 3.  Goals & Policies

    Chapter 4.  Plan Implementation

    Chapter 5.  Planning Context

    Chapter 6.  Land Use & Community Design

    Chapter 7.  Economic Development

    Chapter 8.  Neighborhoods & Housing

    Chapter 9.  History, Culture, Arts & Education

    Chapter 10.  Natural Systems

    Chapter 11.  Parks & Recreation

    Chapter 12.  Transportation

    Chapter 13.  Public Utilities

    Chapter 14.  Public Facilities

    Chapter 15.  Next Steps