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    Current Solicitations

    Invitations for Bids (IFB) and Requests for Proposals (RFP) currently being advertised by the City of Lynchburg and Lynchburg City Schools are listed below.  

    Qualified vendors are encouraged to view and download solicitation documents from this page by clicking on the solicitation name of interest.  Vendors intending to submit a bid or proposal in response to a posted solicitation are responsible for returning to this page to ensure receipt of any addenda that may have been issued.

    Submission deadlines are listed in the chart below for your convenience; however, in the event of conflict or omission, dates in the actual solicitation document shall take precedence over this listing.   

     Invitations for Bids

    Due Date IFB Number Invitation for Bid Name Addenda Staff Contact
    2/22/2017 2017-058 Tinbridge Hill Utility Improvements

    Drawings- pages C1.0 - C5.1
    Drawings- pages C5.2 - C5.6
    Drawings- page C6.0
    Drawings- page C6.1
    Drawings- page C6.2

    Pre-Bid Vendor Attendance

    Addendum No. 1

    REVISED Bid Tabulation Form

    2/22/2017 2017-059 Vending Machine Services Addendum No. 1 MRT
    2/28/2017 2017-060 William M. Bass Elementary School Roof Replacement


    Addendum No. 1
    Prebid Attendance
    3/1/2017 2017-064 Downtown Two-Way Conversion

    Drawings - Signing and Paving;
    Traffic Signal Modification



     Request for Proposals

    Due Date

    RFP Number

    Request for Proposal Name Addenda Staff Contact 
    2/6/2017 2017-062 Safekeeping Services for the City of Lynchburg Addendum No. 1 TAK
    3/9/2017 2017-063 Downtown/Tyreeanna/Pleasant Valley Master Plan Updates   TAK
    3/9/2017 2017-061 Lynchburg Police Department CCTV Cameras   TAK


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