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    Design Review Board

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    Instructions For Statement of Review
    Design Review Board
    City of Lynchburg, Virginia


    Within a Historic District Advisory Area, no building or structure can be erected, reconstructed, restored, demolished, or altered in any way (including signs) that affects the external appearance of the structure without a Statement of Review.  Other items needing a statement include roofs, chimneys, fences, awnings, walls, and color changes, which must be reviewed by the Board for conformity with the Commercial Historic District Guidelines: Lynchburg, Virginia.

    A building or demolition permit will not be issued concerning the erection, reconstruction, alteration or demolition of a property until a Statement of Review is issued for the proposed changes by the Board. While the recommendations are only advisory, developers are encouraged to comply with the Board's recommendations.

    The major function of the Board is to review all proposed modifications of any kind within a Historic District Advisory Area to determine whether or not these proposed changes will fit in with the surrounding area and suggest ways in which the developer may improve upon the project. One of the most important reasons for the existence of the Board is to reduce the likelihood that Lynchburg may needlessly lose its historic and architectural past.


    Certain minor actions may be approved administratively but still require a Statement of Review. These actions must be deemed to not permanently affect the character of the Historic District Advisory Area.  Such actions will include, but not be limited to, actions which, in the opinion of the Secretary of the Board, will not affect the character of the district:

    • Repainting resulting in the same color or in a color scheme previously approved by the Board (Initial painting of masonry surfaces is not exempt from review.)
    • Removal of secondary facade coverings or veneers, such as aluminum or vinyl siding.
    • Addition or deletion of storm windows and doors, window gardens, or similar structures, and window air conditions.
    • Addition or deletion of television or radio antennas, skylights, or solar collectors in locations not visible from a public street.
    • Planting of grass, trees, and shrubs, but not including site or other treatment which substantially alters the contour of a landmark site.

    Note: The Secretary of the Board must receive written documentation of the proposed changes before a Statement of Review can be issued. The Secretary is not required to grant all administrative requests and may refer any requests to the Board for action.


    Applicants for review involving alterations, additions, or demolition within an Historic District Advisory Area must submit five (5) copies of appropriate documentation, which may include:


    Plans and exterior elevations drawn with sufficient detail to show as far as they relate to exterior appearances, the architectural design, including proposed materials, textures, and colors, and including samples of materials and color samples and a plot plan of all improvements affecting appearances of walls, walks, terraces, plantings, accessory buildings, lights and other elements.


    Should be legible photographs of all sides of a structure to be reviewed for repair, alteration, additions or demolition by the Board.


    Include samples of proposed colors which differ from the authentic colors of the structure, or colors already previously approved by the Board.


    Drawings and written descriptions of grading, seeding, any structure to remain, and any new structures proposed to replace the demolished structure.


    An application and all supporting information must be submitted to the Board at City Hall prior to the meeting date.  The board meets as needed to review applications.  Upon receipt of an application, the applicant will be informed of the time and place in City Hall, 900 Church Street, at which the Board will consider the application. At that time, the applicant will have the chance to be heard by the Board and to hear suggestions or changes to the application recommended by the board. The fee for any required letters of notification shall be paid by the applicant.

    Within two (2) working days after the meeting, the applicant and the Inspections Division will receive a Statement of Review on the proposed modifications, new construction, or demolition presented to the Board for review.

    For More Information, Please Contact:
    The Secretary of the Design Review Board
    Department of Community Development
    City Hall
    900 Church Street
    Lynchburg, Virginia 24504
    Phone (434) 455-3915



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