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    Downtown Parking Facilities

    The City of Lynchburg has an inventory of 1,076 on-street parking spaces including handicapped parking spaces. There are approximately 1,562* off-street parking spaces which are controlled by the City. Approximately 1,075 of these spaces are available to the public (availability subject to market demand).  There are an estimated 3,935 privately-owned or controlled parking spaces in the downtown area.

    Parking is enforced from 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m., Monday - Friday.  Parking is free on nights, weekends and city holidays.

    Please see the parking brochure to determine which parking facility is closest to your destination location.

    Downtown Parking Facilities

    City Owned/Managed Parking Spaces Public Parking Hourly/Daily Parking Permit Parking
    Mid-Town Parking Deck 428 Yes Yes Yes
    Clay Street Parking Deck 375 Yes Yes Yes
    Lot A 12 No No Yes
    Lot B 14 No No Yes
    Lot E 53 Yes Yes Yes
    Lot F 15 No No Yes
    Lot G 14 No No Yes
    Lots H (Community Market) 74 Yes Yes Yes
    Lot I 19 No No Yes
    Lot J 32 Yes No Yes
    Lot L 25 Yes Yes No
    Lot M 70 Yes Yes No
    Lot N 29 Yes No Yes
    James River Conference Center 200 Yes Yes No
    Lot S (10th & Main/Commerce) 202 Yes Yes Yes
    Total Parking Spaces * 1,562      

    * Parking spaces to be determined after assessment

    Note: Any parking lots not designated for public parking are for City Employee Permit Parking only.


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