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    Welcome to the City of Lynchburg’s Downtown Utility and Streetscape Improvements Project website!  The City of Lynchburg is experiencing an exciting time of redevelopment.  Proposed improvements for the downtown area include replacing aging utilities, updating streetscape features such as sidewalks, crosswalks and signals, and creating an overall pedestrian and business friendly space and sustainable downtown. 
    The primary purpose of this project is to replace all water lines in downtown Lynchburg.  Since that alone would result in significant disruption, additional utility and streetscape work will be done at the same time to reduce inconvenience.  The project will be constructed in multiple phases over the course of several years.
    The full project consists of the replacement of water lines and reconstruction of the streets and sidewalks for approximately 50 street segments, one block in length, in the downtown area of Lynchburg between Commerce and Court Streets and from 5th to 13th Streets.  Major considerations include on street parking with attention to safety and loading/unloading. 
    While this project will beautify over 50 blocks of downtown Lynchburg, more importantly, this is a utility replacement project.  Aging waterlines will be replaced throughout the project area, some dating back to the mid 1800’s.
    Other objectives of the project include:
    •  Work with businesses to develop loading/unloading policy
    •  Traffic calming, with all way stops at most intersections on Church Street and Main Street
    •  Provide “Share the Road” bike accommodation
    •  Conversion of Main Street and Church Street from one way traffic to two way traffic
    • Review space allocation options for streetscape improvements

    On this website you will find information to keep you informed of the latest project construction. The Project Schedule provides current construction updates by phase and block. Visit our FAQ page to find answers to questions about the construction project.

    Phase I 2016
    March 1st : Preconstruction Public Meeting
    March: Block meetings
    May:  Construction begins
    May 23: Two-Way Traffic Conversion Public Meeting, Holiday Inn Downtown @ 6:30PM

    Phase I 2017
    Summer: Construction completed

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