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    Off-Duty Officer Employment Restrictions

    Prohibited Types of Off-Duty Employment

    Lynchburg Police Department Officer's are prohibited from accepting or engaging in any off-duty employment that constitutes a threat to the status or dignity of the police as a professional occupation, which includes:

    • Establishments which sell or rent pornographic books, magazines, sexual devices, or videos
    • Establishments which possess a Virginia Alcoholic Beverage Commission license to sell alcoholic beverages for consumption on premises, excluding:
      - Banquet licenses
      - Businesses having a contract with the City where off-duty officers are required to be employed.
    • Any gambling establishments not exempted by law
    • Any employment where the nature of the work, rules of the business or instructions from the employer require the employee to:
      - Compromise their position as a law enforcement officer, or
      - Do anything contrary to department policies, procedures, or ethical law enforcement practices.
    • As a bail bond agent or for a bail bond agency.
    • Involving investigative work for the following:
      - Insurance agencies
      - Private security services
      - Collection agencies
      - Attorneys
    • To act as private investigators or in any off-duty capacity in which:
      - The primary purpose of such employment is to   gather information for a civil action
      - Such employment is for the purpose of appearing as a witness in a civil action.
    • By a business intending to use the employees as temporary replacements for regular employees on strike
      - An employee may be employed if the purpose of such employment is the protection of the business property in a law enforcement capacity.
      - This is not intended to restrict those employees already employed in a business from working if that business becomes involved in a labor dispute.
    • That presents a potential conflict of interest between their duties as employees of the police department and their duties for the secondary employer.
    • Approval of any off duty request is at the department’s discretion and will be based upon but not limited to; type of event, size of event, availability of off duty resources and potential for reduction in on duty resources.
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