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Work Groups: Bridges to Progress

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    Support the work of Lynchburg Together, a community group formed to support our City schools.

    • Identify and connect community resources to the school division to create alternatives to suspension for identified students.     
    • Expand opportunities for Lynchburg’s youth to be better connected to a significant other within their family and/or to become connected to a positive adult role model outside of the family who will help them create a plan for achieving success.
    • Ensure that when needed parents/guardians are recipients of coordinated wrap-around services that promote a family’s economic, social, educational, and mental health needs. 
    • Utilize community/college/faith-based assets in Lynchburg to create an informed tutor and mentor program for our students throughout their K-12 continuum. Work with schools/colleges/community groups to train volunteers/tutors/mentors and embed them with teachers to participate in each child’s success plan. Identify all available resources/programs and ensure that they coordinated. 

    Improve kindergarten readiness by increasing access to quality Pre-K programs and promoting preschool literacy

    • Create directory of Pre-K programs in Lynchburg, including cost, the number of openings, program features, quality metrics. 
    • Partner with Reach Out and Read to achieve full, robust city-wide participation in this evidence-based program that promotes reading to preschoolers.
    • Think creatively about broad alternatives to city-funded preschool, including lobbying State Legislature for funding to support universal Pre-K.