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    Throughout the year, the Lynchburg community offers a wide variety of healthy events. Whether it is the famous Virginia 4/10 Miler or a 5k walk to support a local charity, there is always an event just around the corner. Check out the information below to find the right event for you!

    Virginia 10/4 Miler

    Every year the City of Lynchburg puts together a team of walkers and runners to participate in the famous Virginia 10/4 Miler event. Whether you are able to walk or run or would rather support the team as a cheerleader, it's a great opportunity to bond with fellow employees while challenging yourself on a difficult yet fun filled course. Contact: Keep an eye out for emails in late summer or early fall.

    Races and 5ks in the Lynchburg Area

    The Lynchburg region offers a wide variety of races and 5k events throughout the year. With many of the events supporting local charities and causes, its always a win-win situation as you get to improve your health while giving back. To find an event, check out one of the links below. Contact: Visit Riverside Runners Event List for upcoming events in our area.

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