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    Fire Station 3 Personnel


    A Shift

    B Shift

    C Shift

    Captain Charles Shealy
    Master FF Dane Phelps
    Master FF 
    Tim Staton
    Alan Briceland
    Sean Daniel
    Kaelin Echols
    Frank Fowler
    Chad Reeves
    Zach Rygh
    Chris Wilmouth
    Captain Adam Morton
    Master FF Todd Styles

    Colt Freeman

    Roger Irvin
    Payden Ludwick
    Carolyn Nascimento
    Scott Stanley
    Nick Taylor
    Nick Thomas
    Captain Scott Kelly
    Master FF Travis Guthrie
    Master FF Stephen Schrader

    Stewart Barney
    Jeff DeGoede
    Derik Hudson

    Kyle Maschal
    Brittany Muraco

    Casey White