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    Flexible Spending

    Flexible Spending Accounts allow employees to set aside funds into an account(s) and reimburse themselves for certain qualified expenses not covered by their medical, dental or vision plans. The amount that is set aside reduces current taxable income and increases spendable, take home pay.


    Employees holding full-time positions are eligible to participate in a Flexible Spending Account; Health Care, Dependent Care, and Parking. Initial enrollment takes place within the first 31 days of hire, and coverage normally begins the first day of the month following the full-time or part-time hire date.

    To find out more about flexible spending accounts, follow the links below:

    • Health Care FSA & Dependent Care FSA

    • Transit & Parking FSA


    Making Changes

    Changes may be made during open enrollment or within 31 days of a qualifying event (change in status). Qualifying event examples include but are not limited to marriage, divorce, birth, or family member loss of coverage. Once enrolled, payroll deductions will be in effect until the end of the year.

    Flexible Spending Account Forms:

    2018 Flexible Spending Account Enrollment/Change form (plan year 1/1/18 through 12/31/18)

    Employees must re-enroll annually during open enrollment for the Flexible Spending Program.


    Employees may contribute up to $2,600 annually (spread over 24 pay periods) to the Health Care FSA, up to $3,060 annually to the Parking/Transit FSA, and up to $5,000 annually to the Dependent Care FSA. View the "Take Care Tool with On-line Calculator" for more information.

    What is Covered

    The IRS determines if an expense is qualified.

    • Eligible & Ineligible Expenses

    • Over-the-Counter Rule Fact Sheet

    Submit Claims for Reimbursement

    New claim procedure beginning January 1:

    1. Navigate to takecareWageWorks.com and log in to your account.

    2. Select the "Request Payment" option to create a PayMeBack claim form. 

    3. Be sure to keep the original claim form and receipts for your records when you fax or email claims. If mailing claims, make sure you keep the originals and send copies of the claim form and supporting receipts.


    Fax Claims

    Email Claims

    Postal Mail Claims


    (toll free fax)


    Scan to PDF and email

    Take Care by WageWorks

    P.O. Box 14054, Lexington, KY 40512


    What happens to my FSA when I leave or retire from the City?

    IRS regulations allow employees to submit claims for reimbursement of expenses incurred prior to their separation or retirement date. Employees have until March 15 following the end of the plan year to submit claims for expenses incurred prior to separation or retirement.

    Under the provisions of the Consolidated Omnibus Reconciliation Act of 1985, or COBRA, you and your covered family members may choose to continue your FSA coverage after your coverage is scheduled to end. You have 60 days from the date of your COBRA election notice to elect to continue this benefit. If you do not respond within 60 days, your rights to continue coverage end. You must also continue to pay your FSA bi-weekly payment to continue this benefit. COBRA information will be mailed to your home. Be sure to keep your address current by submitting changes to Human Resources.

    Questions? Call Wageworks toll free at 800-950-0105.