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    Get a Library Card

    Any resident of the city of Lynchburg is eligible to apply for a library card.
    A parent or legal guardian must sign for children under the age of twelve.
    A child may apply for a card when he/she is old enough to print first and last name, usually around the age of five.

    Please note:  City Council has ruled that owning city property while not residing in the city does not constitute residency.  College students residing on campus are not considered city residents.  However, if they are registered to vote in the City of Lynchburg, they may obtain a library card free of charge.  Voter registration card is required.

    A new applicant must present a valid photo ID and proof of current address.  If the photo ID does not have the current address, the following are acceptable for verification:

    • Bank statement
    • Car registration
    • Checkbook
    • Postmarked mail addressed to applicant (Occupant or Resident are not acceptable)
    • Rental agreement
    • Utililty bill
    • Voter registration card

    Persons not residing in the city may obtain a non-resident library card for a fee.  There are two options:  a yearly membership for $25.00 or a quarterly membership (3 months) for $7.00.  The membership is good for the entire household.  Proof of identity and address are required.

    Persons currently enrolled at Central Virginia Community College (CVCC) may obtain a library card free of charge, regardless of residence.  Proof of current enrollment is required and the card is renewable each semester a person is enrolled.

    Residents of Amherst County may obtain a library card free of charge.  Amherst County Public Library is a member of the LION Consortium and the two systems have agreed to share resources and to allow residents of each locale to obtain cards free of charge at their libraries.

    To download and print an application for a library card, click here.

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