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    Combined Sewer Sewer which must handle flow of both sanitary wastewater and stormwater in a single pipeline.
    CSO Combined Sewer Overflow. Occurs when heavy rainfall enters a combined sewer system, resulting in a volume of rainwater and sanitary wastewater that exceeds the system's capacity.  Sewage is forced to overflow into area streams and rivers through CSO outfalls.
    DEQ Department of Environmental Quality (state government)
    Infiltration Seepage into a sewer line, such as through a crack or from a deteriorated joint.
    Inflow Extraneous water entering the sewer system, such as from a rainleader
    Interceptor Large pipeline connecting Lynchburg's 21 "mini" systems.  Carries wastewater flow to wastewater treatment plant (WWTP).
    Lateral Smaller pipe, usually running from residence to main sewer line.
    Mini System Series of 21 sewer sub-systems, defined by Lynchburg's topography, each of which comprises an independent sewage collection network.  Of the 21, 16 are combined.
    Outfall Pipe designed to prevent widespread sewer backups by quickly carrying overflow from the sewer to a nearby creek bed, drainage ditch, etc.  Approximately 20 CSO outfall points remain open in Lynchburg.  
    Rainleader A device (such as a gutter downspout, yard drain, or exterior stairwell drain) designed to lead stormwater runoff directly into the sewer.
    RDP (Rainleader Disconnection Program) - An innovative program that compensates homeowners for disconnecting their own rainleaders from the sewer system, thus saving the City the expense of having to perform the task.  More than 5,000 citizens have participated in this program, saving the City over a million dollars in the process.  This successful example of citizens and "City Hall" working in partnership has become a model for other communities nationwide facing CSO problems.
    Runoff Stormwater that flows over land, paved areas, and roofs.
    Sanitary Wastewater Untreated sewage, destined for the treatment plant.
    Separation The process of constructing separate, dedicated pipelines for stormwater and wastewater.
    SWCB State Water Control Board


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