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    Helpful Information

    • The Zoning Administrator can assist you in determining if the intended use of the structure is permitted within the appropriate zoning classification.  Please contact Kevin Henry at 434-455-3900 or kevin.henry@lynchburgva.gov.
    • The size and uses of the proposed structure will determine if architect/engineer drawings will be required.
    • Allow up to fifteen (15) working days for commercial plan review and ten (10) working days for residential plan review.
    • The permit fee is based on square footage and needs to be paid prior to the issuance of a building permit.
    • It is important that the contractor understand that it is his responsibility to call and request inspections.
    • The contractor will be directed to call at specified intervals for inspections, which are generally met with immediate response, but no later than 24 hours.
    • An appeal board is available to hear an appeal of any building code interpretation made by the Inspections Division.
    • The Inspections Division also handles house moving permits and demolition permits.
    • Contact the Commissioner of the Revenue at (434) 455-3880 to apply for a business license (if a contractor) or to verify a contractor you have selected has a business license.
    • Once all approvals are made, the Inspections Division will issue the permits and make all needed inspections.