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    The Hiring Process

    The Lynchburg Fire Department's hiring process includes the following steps:
    • Entrance Exam
      The entrance exam is a multiple choice test that covers reading comprehension, interpreting tables, logical reasoning, situational judgment, basic math skills, map reading, and vocabulary.
    • Personal History Statement
      Those scoring in the highest percentile on the entrance exam will be asked to complete a Personal History Statement. This will include a detailed work history and personal and professional references.

      If you are currently participating in our hiring process and need to submit your Personal History Statement, click here.

    • Oral Interview Board
      Interview panels will consist of Fire Department employees.
    • Background Investigation/Electronic Background Investigation
      Includes a DMV and criminal history check, as well as work history and personal references
    • Medical/Clinical Evaluation
      Performed at the expense of the Fire Department. Medical testing and procedures are performed to ascertain a candidate's physical fitness. A drug screen is also performed.
    • Recruit School
      Topics covered during the recruit school include:
      VA Department of Fire Programs Firefighter I
      VA Department of Fire Programs Firefighter II
      Emergency Vehicle Operator Course
      Hazardous Material Operations
      Mayday Firefighter Down!
      Emergency Medical Review
      Defensive Tactics 
      American Heart Association CPR for Healthcare Providers
      National Fire Academy ICS 100 & 200
      Other courses as determined by the Training Division
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