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    Housing Complaint Procedure

    For housing complaints, residents of the building are encouraged to submit a letter to the property owner requesting the necessary repairs in writing.  A sample letter is provided here: 
    Request for Repair 14 Day Notice {Click the SUBMIT button and PRINT two (2) copies: (mail/send to owner ~ save a copy for your records}  

    If the repairs are not underway within 14 days or the issue is an emergency ... 

    • Once a complaint is filed, either through Citizens First (434-856-CITY) (434-856-2489) or through the Inspections Division (434-455-3910), it will be assigned a housing case number.
    • The case is assigned to an inspector.
    • The inspector will attempt to contact the owner through a phone call or through postal mail to set up a time and date to do an inspection of the property.  An inspection can also be scheduled by the tenant of the property.
    • If the owner (or tenant) agrees to let the inspector inside the building, the inspector will conduct the inspection to determine if code violations exist.
    • If the owner cannot be initially contacted, the inspector will go by the property, do an exterior inspection from the street, take pictures of that inspection and note on the Inspection Report/Violation Notice that an interior inspection may be needed to further complete the complaint filed.
    • Any violations noted will be listed on an Inspection Report/Violation Notice giving a date in which a follow-up inspection will occur to have the violations abated.
    • After completing the inspection, the inspector will enter all the pertinent information into the computer along with any pictures taken.
    • Additional time may be given to abate the violations if progress has been shown to be productive.
    • Should no progress or little progress be made, the inspector has the option to serve the owner a summons to General District Court to show why these violations have not been abated.