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    If you are looking to let out your competitive side or find yourself missing the camaraderie and friendship of a team sport, then check out the Wellness Champions sponsored employee leagues below. Keep a look out as we will be adding more leagues soon!


    Teams have formed and the 2016 season is underway! The league will play at Peaks View Park on Monday nights with games beginning at 6:30 and 7:30PM. Be sure to stop by the park and cheer on your colleagues! If you are interested in the Softball League or have any questions, you can email krista.johnson@lynchburgva.gov and she will get back to you with the details.  Employees and their spouses are welcome in this City of Lynchburg employee league.


    This year the league will begin the week of May 2nd and run for 12 weeks through the week of July 18th.  It will be the same format as last year; two person teams at a different course each week and it is a handicap league.  Spouses are welcome to play as well.  No particular night is chosen and it is left to the team captains playing each other to select a mutual date and time each week.  More details to be sent to all employees the first week of April.


    The current season will wind down the week of March 17th with a playoff, fun bowl and awards dinner at AMF Bowl.  This is a four person, mixed bowling league with handicap scores so all levels of skill can compete.  Mostly it’s a fun league with opportunities to get some exercise and let your hair down with fellow employees outside of the work environment.  Spouses are welcome to play as well.  More information will be coming out for next season in the Aug/Sept timeframe.

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