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    Learn Basic Computer Skills

    Click on the links below to access interactive tutorials that will help you practice basic computer skills.

    Computer Basics - Learn about various types of computers, the parts of a computer and how a computer works.       
            BBC Absolute Beginners' Guide to Computers
            U.S. Digital Literacy Initiative

    Mouse Basics - How to hold, move and click a mouse.
            Mouse Practice

    Keyboarding Basics - Learn the layout of the keyboard and practice typing.
            Peter's Online Typing Course

    Internet Basics - Learn how to get connected, use a web browser, and navigate webpages.
            Internet 101
            Internet Explorer 8
            Mozilla Firefox
            Email Basics

    Microsoft Office 2010 - Teach yourself the features of Microsoft's Office programs, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Publisher.  This tutorial also covers Google Drive. 
            GCF Microsoft Office Overview and Tutorial
    Microsoft Excel 2010 - Teach yourself the basics and some more advanced features of Microsoft Excel, complete with practical examples.
            Excel Easy


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