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    Legal System - P2P

    Question 1: When you hear the phrase “Poverty to Progress,” what comes to mind? What are the tools you think people need to move out of and stay out of poverty here in the city?

    • Movement “ collective effort”
    • Better way to live
    • Ongoing
    • Education
    • Positive change
    • Tools:
    • Qualified leadership and development
    • Mind change—encouragement rather than judgment
    • Access to legal advice or assistance
    • Lawyers to donate their services—retired professionals?
    • Restorative Justice Classes—character training and citizenship
    • Family support
    • Decriminalization of public health crimes
    • 90 day financial assistance for newly released criminals to get back on their feet
    • Supporting living services
    • City ordinance that limits number of non-family members
    • Online listing of felon friendly employers
    • Information packets for felons entering back into society

    Question 2: What are some of the challenges related to this barrier that you think make it difficult for people to become economically secure?

    • Gotcha Newspaper
    • Opportunity for felon friendly job fairs
    • Reinstatement of parole
    • Mug shots online never goes away
    • Felony box on application
    • Use of language to describe those who have been imprisoned or jailed for offenses
    • Awareness of city wide resources that are available other than 211 that are easily assessable
    • Single parent homes
    • Inequity in schools
    • Racism still exist
    • Public defenders who do not take a stand for their client
    • Stereotyping

    Question 3: We know that just throwing money at a problem rarely solves it. What concrete, actionable steps (as it relates to this barrier) would you like to see taken to create pathways out of poverty in the city?

    • Communicating why the crime was committed
    • Regional hub for sharing information about those that are getting released from back into society
    • Talk with those in poverty

    Question 4: What does success look like here? Should it be based on changing overall rates of poverty? Creating new opportunities rather than focusing on concrete numbers? Etc.

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