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    LPD Mission Statement

    We build community by protecting and serving the public with honor, courage, and
    fairness for all.

    The purpose of our mission statement is to communicate the essence of what we do. The
    mission statement guides the actions our organization takes to meet our overall goal. A mission
    statement should be short, simple, and easy to understand.

    21st Century law enforcement has to be balanced in order to be effective. The Lynchburg Police
    Department’s policing model of building community is poised on the two pillars of Protection and
    Service. We must maintain a balance in order to effectively accomplish our stated goal.

    The community must feel safe. Our neighbors demand that we protect them and their property
    from crime. The residents of Lynchburg want to live work and play in a safe environment.
    They want to raise their children in a wholesome atmosphere. In order to effectively protect the
    community we need to be direct and proactive in our approach. We must apply evidence based
    policing practices that make use of Intelligence Led Policing, focusing on prolific criminal
    offenders and removing them from our streets.

    The community must not feel that its police department is an occupying army. It must trust and
    believe that the actions of their police are legitimate and unbiased. The community wants to
    have a voice in the way they are policed. In order to effectively serve the LPD must vigorously
    conduct positive citizen engagement; we must look for ways to build bridges of understanding
    and trust in all our communities. We must be perceived as being fair and impartial, engaged in
    constitutional policing practices. You are the community’s champions, respected and trusted
    because of your honor, courage, and fairness.


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