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    Have a great idea that you think would benefit our community? Want to share it with others? Lynchburg is Listening!

    Lynchburg is Listening is an online portal designed to enhance community engagement. It’s a moderated platform to encourage citizen ideas, gain feedback on City initiatives, and prioritize community interests.

    Post your idea or participate in discussions and forums regarding your community. The ideas and other feedback contributed on this website will go directly to the policy makers and City administration.

    Things to Know

    • Visit to set up a user account.
    • As a City program, Lynchburg is Listening is subject to the Freedom of Information Act. User information and posts are subject to public disclosure. In order to sign up, a user must provide their first and last name and physical address or they will be removed from the system.
    • After signing up, you will receive a welcome email and will need to activate your account.
    • Once you post an idea, you will receive an automated email confirmation and within 2 days, the status of your idea will change to “Acknowledged,” meaning it has been viewed by staff. Be sure to log on frequently to see if your idea status has changed. (See definitions)
    • Most importantly, share your posts through social media to encourage your friends to support your ideas. Users can also comment on the ideas of others. If this happens, you will receive an email notifying you that there is a comment on your original post.
    • If an idea is posted and there appears to be broad user support for the idea, the City Manager will decide whether to elevate the idea to City leadership for further discussion or consideration. The City Manager has sole discretion in making this determination. In the system, this progress will be shown as “Under Review, Planned, In Progress, or Completed.”
    • As a user, you will be notified when the City posts a new Discussion Topic, Forum, Project or Survey. In addition to posting your own ideas, we hope that you will participate in these public input opportunities as well.
    • Lynchburg is Listening is not meant to replace one-on-one correspondence between citizens and elected officials. City Council members can be contacted directly at any time.
    • Lynchburg is Listening is a mechanism for sharing ideas and building community. The City's Citizens First service (434-856-CITY) is to be used for specific service requests and problem reporting. 

    Function Definitions

    Ideas: This is where you are encouraged to post your great idea(s) for Lynchburg. Is there something you would like to see happen in Lynchburg? Share it on the forum. Then encourage your friends to like your idea by easily connecting and sharing it to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. Just select the appropriate icon below the description of your idea, log into the site and share with your online community. A staff member will review the idea and respond with one of the statuses listed below.

    Forums: From time to time, the City will post a forum and ask you to give feedback. Forums are places to collect ideas tailored around specific topics such as City programs, new policies or planning initiatives. They are ideal for time sensitive idea collection, and good for collecting new ideas around public and community plans. For example, the City could create a forum called "New Bicycle Lanes," and invite you to submit ideas about where you would like to see new bicycle lanes.  You can like, comment, and share ideas as you would for general ideas.

    Discussions: Discussions are a series of open-ended topics with multiple questions posted by the City. You can offer views on a topic and respond to others. For example, the City might want to get feedback on “ Bicycle Lanes.”  The discussion could be called "New Bicycle Lanes” and ask a series of questions related to it such as "Where would additional bicycle lanes be appropriate?" or "What should there not be bicycle lanes?"  You can respond to each item, comment on responses and agree with other comments.  

    Status Definitions

    Created: This is a default status for all newly created ideas. The user will see that their idea has been posted, but not yet viewed by staff.

    Acknowledged: This is a confirmation status that lets the user know that their idea has been received and read. The Acknowledged status will be used when it appears that all of the conversation on a topic has come to a halt. Every attempt will be made to acknowledge a post within two days.

    Referred: This status lets you know the City is referring a post to the appropriate individual or department. Referred will be used at times instead of Acknowledged and will be accompanied by a brief online reply explaining to the user how their post is being handled.

    Under Review: Under review means that the City is currently evaluating the implementation possibility of an idea. Not all ideas will rise to the level of a review, but to increase the chances of your idea being reviewed, it’s recommended to share your ideas through social networking sites and to encourage support through Lynchburg is Listening. Ongoing community conversation and interest on a topic is important for an idea to be considered under review.

    Planned: This status shows that an idea has gone through the review process and the City has plans for implementation. Ongoing updates on the project will be provided through Lynchburg is Listening to keep the community in the loop.

    In Progress: If a deadline has been established for an idea that has made it to the Planned stage, the status will be changed to In Progress.

    Not Planned: This status means that an idea cannot be implemented for one reason or the other. At this stage, the user will be notified that an idea cannot move forward due to budget constraints, legal issues, or other similar circumstances.

    Resolved: This status denotes an issue that can be fixed immediately and requires no planning. This will be used in place of, or just after Under Review.

    Completed: This shows that an idea has made its way through the entire process and has been completed or implemented.

    Terms & Conditions (Posting Guidelines)

    While Lynchburg is Listening is a discussion venue, it is also a family friendly one, all comments and wall posts must be appropriate. The City reserves the right to delete the following types of posts:

    • Contain vulgar language, personal attacks of any kind, or offensive comments that target or disparage based on race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, political affiliation, sexual orientation or disability
    • Are spam or include links to other sites
    • Are clearly off topic or commercial in nature (offers to buy or sell goods or services)
    • Advocate illegal activity
    • Promote or oppose particular services, products, or political organizations and candidates
    • Infringe on copyrights or trademarks

    While visiting this site, users participate at their own risk, and have full responsibility for their comments, username and any information provided. By commenting or posting, the user specifically agrees to hold the City of Lynchburg, its employees and officers harmless from any liability associated with comments or posts. Comments expressed by users on this site do not necessarily reflect the opinions and position of the Lynchburg City government or its officers and employees.

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