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    Parking Authority


    To develop plans for and to coordinate the development and use of sufficient off-street public owned parking facilities in the City and as necessary to acquire, construct, reconstruct, equip, improve, extend, enlarge, maintain, repair and operate off-street parking facilities.


    As of October 13, 2015, the Lynchburg Parking Authority has decided to hold meetings on a quarterly basis beginning December 2015. [will update as more information becomes available]


    Mr. Brandon Farmer (Chair)
    Bedford County
    Financial Enterprise
    Mr. Carl Matice
    Ward 3
    Downtown Business Owner
    Mr. Urs Gabathuler
    Ward 1
    Lynch's Landing Board Member
    Mr. Thorne McCraw
    Ward 1
    Downtown Business Owner
    Ms. Ivajoan (Tobi) Jaeger
    Bedford County
    Downtown Business
    Mr. J. Randolph Nelson
    City Council Member
    As of 12/16/15

    Liaison - Parking Management Office 434-455-4045

    Membership - Seven (7) members - one (1) Council member, one (1) Lynch’s Landing Member, one (1) private individual involved in parking operations downtown, one (1) representative of a major operation requiring parking, one (1) individual with financial expertise, one (1) private citizen.

    October appointment

    Parking Management Website

    Additional Parking Authority information

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