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    Make a Plan

    What is a Family Emergency Plan?

    A Family Emergency Plan is the least expensive and simplest thing you can do to prepare for emergencies. The plan is where information you need during an emergency is located. Make sure you include the following in your plan:

    • Contact information for an out-of-town relative or friend. Your out-of-town contact is your family’s point of contact for emergency communications.
    • Two meeting locations. One inside your neighborhood and one outside. A meeting place outside your neighborhood in case your family is separated and cannot return home.
    • Contact numbers for your family. Work numbers, school numbers, addresses for work and school. Include your family doctor's and pet veterinarian's contact information. 
    • List each family member’s medications, dosages and administration instructions.
    • Lastly, include contact information for your insurance companies/agents.

    Click here for a free printable Family Emergency Plan from Ready Virginia. After you complete the plan, put a copy in your Emergency Kit.