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    Museum Advisory Board


    Acts in an advisory capacity to the Museum Director, City Manager and City Council on matters concerning the Museum System and to help plan and execute activities for the Lynchburg Museum System and Point of Honor.


    January, March, May, July, September & November
    3rd Wednesday, 4:00 p.m.
    Lynchburg Museum: 901 Court St.


    Peter F. Barker, PE
    Ward 2
    Langhorne L. McCarthy
    Ward 1
    Ramona Battle
    Ward 4
    Patricia Meyer
    Ward 4
    Robert D. Bradley
    Ward 4
    H. Victor Millner, Jr.
    Ward 1
    Rophenia L. Crawley
    Ward 2
    Joseph S. Morrell
    Bedford County
    Charlotte A. Fischer
    Ward 1
    Clifton Potter
    Ward 4
    Marjorie M. Freeman
    Ward 4
    Joseph M. Seiffert
    Bedford County
    Douglas E. Lee
    Ward 1
    Marvin Edward Tinsley
    Amherst County
    Kenneth S. Mayo
    Ward 1
    As of 07/01/2019

    Liaison - Ted Delaney: 434-455-6226

    Membership: 15 Members - 12 City residents; 3 non-City residents

    Reference: City Code Section 24-24.2; 24-24.3; 24-24.4, Ordinance #O-92-119 adopted 6-22-82

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