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    Neighborhood Watch

    The Lynchburg Police Department facilitates the Neighborhood Watch program as a partnership with the citizens of Lynchburg. As of January, 2017, there are over sixty active neighborhood watch groups in Lynchburg.

    The LPD relies on citizen involvement and input at watch groups to assist in addressing situations that require law enforcement. "YOU are the eyes and ears" of the police department! While each group has a varying degree of participation, the purpose is simple – come together as a unified group to decrease the opportunity for crime to occur.

    If you would like to start a neighborhood watch group in your area or if you would like to join one of the watches below, please contact the Community Action Team at 434-455-6144 or 455-6070.

    For Neighborhood Watch Resources, please visit: National Neighborhood Watch a service of the National Sheriff's Association.

    Neighborhood Watch Newsletter: January 2018

    ***1/16/2018 NHW Meeting / Church Security Presentation Postponed Due to Inclement Weather***


     Contact: Officer L. Hughes (434) 455-6144 or lee.hughes@lynchburgva.gov










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