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    City Launches New Budgeting Tool for the Public

    As Lynchburg City Council members begin the process of deliberating over the Proposed FY20 Budget, the public will have the opportunity to become more involved in the process with a new budget visualization online tool.
    Lynchburg taxpayers now have the opportunity to use a new tool to understand how officials hope to spend the money set aside for the City’s General Fund as well as generate a personalized look at how their taxes fund local government services. The easy to use, interactive tool is called Balancing Act.
     “We are always trying to find better ways to engage with citizens,” said City Manager Bonnie Svrcek. “Historically, we would often conduct budget meetings in which we had more staff present than the public. Our Communications and Marketing and Financial Services Departments researched best practices and found Balancing Act. We are excited to be able to offer this to the public and believe it will be a great educational tool as well.”
    Taxpayers can access the tool here on the City's website by clicking the Balancing Act button.  Once there, the user can make choices by reducing, increasing or eliminating funding for departments and services.  They can also us the Taxpayer Receipt function which will show how taxes paid by the individual are distributed. Users can experiment with adjusting city spending to help them craft specific suggestions for leaders but they should end with a balanced budget.